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Providing passengers with a safe trip is our highest priority at NorthStar. Our strong safety culture is reflected throughout our team and in everything we do.

We are a member of  Tour Operators Program of Safety (T.O.P.S), a group of helicopter tour operators that have committed to a higher standard of safety than required by Federal Regulations in an effort to make helicopter tour flights as safe as possible.

These standards cover every aspect of air tours including helicopter maintenance and safety equipment, strict hiring standards and additional training courses for pilots and mechanics. All T.O.P.S. members also undergo an annual audit to make sure that each operator is maintaining these standards.

In 2005 the Federal Aviation Administration's Capstone Project initiated its Juneau phase and NorthStar was the first helicopter operator to install the new avionics equipment in all of our aircraft. The new equipment gives our pilots more information in order to conduct safe flights including the aircraft's position relative to terrain and other aircraft as well as enhanced communications tools and weather information.

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