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Extended Helicopter Glacier Trek

Quick Details


Exclusive Glacier Exploration

Our Extended Helicopter Glacier Trek is for adventure seekers who want to maximize their time on the glacier, learn basic ice climbing techniques, and explore more territory than our standard Glacier Trek offers.

The adventure begins as you are outfitted with mountaineering boots, a climbing harness, gaiters, and appropriate rain gear, as well as gloves, a backpack, water, and a granola bar. Once everyone is ready, you will receive a safety briefing before boarding one of our A-Star helicopters for a flightseeing tour over old-growth trees of the Tongass National Forest, impressive mountain ranges, and massive flows of ice that change from white to radiant shades of blue. Flight routes are based on the pilots’ choice depending on conditions to give you the best views of the day.

Upon landing at our base camp on the glacier, your guide will outfit you with an ice axe, crampons, and a helmet, and provide instruction on how to properly use the equipment for safe glacier travel. Once familiarized with the gear, you will hike across the rugged terrain past moulins, deep crevasses, and crystal blue rivers, as you make your way into the glacier’s most remote areas.

Your climbing destination is a massive 300-foot ice wall where you will learn ice climbing techniques and have the opportunity to practice your skills on a portion of this towering feature while on belay.

After an educational exploration of the stunning glacier features and ample photo opportunities, your pilot will return you on a short, scenic flight back to our heliport. Our comfortable vans will then return you to your pick-up point.

Please see FAQ’s page for general information about our tours and safety, here.