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Helicopter Glacier Trek

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Trek into the Glacier Blue

Our Helicopter Glacier Trek provides you with two hours on the glacier to learn basic glacier travel techniques, explore, take pictures, and appreciate the magnificent surroundings. This Alaska glacier tour begins with a short drive from the cruise ship terminal, or other pick-up location, to our base located next to the Juneau International Airport.

You will be outfitted in state-of-the-art trekking equipment and given a safety briefing before boarding one of our A-Star helicopters. Once loaded and ready, you will have an opportunity to explore Juneau’s incredible range of ecosystems while soaring over old-growth trees of the Tongass National Forest, dramatic mountain ranges, and expansive flows of ice that change from white to brilliant shades of blue. Flight routes are the pilots’ choice depending on conditions to give you the best views of the day.

Upon landing at our base camp on the glacier, your guide will outfit you with crampons, a helmet, and an ice axe to make it easier to walk on the slick terrain. As you begin your trek, our guides will demonstrate different techniques for glacier travel and allow time for practice as you become comfortable walking on the ice.

You will have ample opportunity to capture unique once-in-a-lifetime photos while your well-trained guides teach you about the history and geology of the area. After your tour, our comfortable vans will bring you back to your drop-off point.

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Please see FAQ’s page for general information about our tours and safety, here.